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Welcome to the Custom Decks Page

Here we have all of the Pokemon Trading Card decks featured from our YouTube Channel, Pokemon Deck Store, and other collaborating channels.  You will be able to click on the deck you want. It will take you to that deck’s feature page. You will then see a list of all of the cards in that deck. You will also be able to purchase each card right from the Pokemon Deck Store! Now how awesome is that?!? No more struggling on Amazon trying to piece together the cards for that beast deck you are trying to build. Searching through multiple Amazon stores, or Ebay if that is your preference. Nope, you can now add every card you need to your cart here at the Pokemon Deck Store and just hit checkout! We hope you enjoy the site!

Add You Own Customer Deck Idea!

Have a Pokemon deck idea that you really want to popularize and have it listed right here for people to buy it? Head over to our YouTube Channel, subscribe, and email with your YouTube name and you deck list! After we verify your YouTube subscription, we will proceed to adding your deck to the Pokemon Deck Store! We will also collaborate with you on getting a video made featuring your deck! Want to make the video yourself? Mention that in the email you send to us because, I mean, no one can play your custom build Pokemon Deck like you can right?



Gardevoir GX Deck (Gardi-Obliteration) by Pokemon Deck Store

Ho-oh Deck (Sacred Ho-oh Deck) by Pokemon Deck Store

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